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earlhamites's Journal

Earlham College fans, students, etc.
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Earlham College is a small liberal arts school located in Richmond, IN.

Welcome to the Earlham College LJ community. Our goal is to create a space in which individuals can reach out to the larger Earlham community, but also where the community can have the benefit of community-related information and discussion.
Membership & Posting Policies

Membership to this community is moderated to deter trolls. Don't worry, though-- we won't make you prove your undying loyalty to Earlham by running naked through Saga singing "pushing the pen and slinging the ink." We'll just look for signs of life on your account-- i.e., how long you've had it, whether you have LJ friends, and whether you've made any posts. If you don't meet those criteria, we'll reject you. You can appeal to a moderator (via email) if you're not a troll.

While we'd like to take the idealistic censorship-free approach, past experience has proven that decisive moderation is necessary to keep Earlhamites a functional and reasonably drama-free community. Thus, in rare cases, posts and comments that are judged (a) not to have been made in the spirit of respecful discussion, and (b) to be clearly harmful to an individual or group of individuals in the community, will be deleted. The first time a user's post is deleted, s/he will be considered to have been warned; the second time, s/he will be banned. For more information on this policy, please see this page.

Current moderators

We are always looking for new moderators. If you are a current Earlham student and interested in helping to moderate this community, please email us.

Read about the hidden truth at Earlham.

If you are in the Earlham community, are a survivor of sexual abuse, and would be interested in joining a private LJ community for EC survivors, please contact currentlymusing
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